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Configurations and Dynamics of Real Chains. I. Polyethylene 1-gen-1981 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Configurations and Dynamics of Real Chains. II. Internal Viscosity 1-gen-1981 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Configurations and Dynamics of Real Chains. III. The Excluded Volume Effect on Inner Segments 1-gen-1982 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Synthesis and Low-Frequency Vibrational Spectra of N - (2 - ammoniumethyl) - piperazinium halide mercurates(II). Crystal Structure of N-(2-ammoniumethyl)-piperazinium monochloride tetrachloromercurate(II) 1-gen-1982 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Structural studies of radical reaction products. I. The structure of an asymmetrically substituted diazene: 3-(p-chlorophenyl)-4-(p-chlorophenylazo)-4-methyl-2-pentanone, C18H18Cl2N2O 1-gen-1983 GANAZZOLI, FABIOCITTERIO, ATTILIO +
Iopamidol, C17H22I3N3O8 1-gen-1983 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
The Formation of [M+H]+ ions in EI mass spectrometry of 2(pyridyl)ethanol isomers 1-gen-1983 CLERICI, ANGELOGANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Polymer Internal Viscosity: Symmetrization of the Dynamic Equations with Propagating Strain 1-gen-1983 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Coil-Globule Transition in Polymer Solutions 1-gen-1983 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Reactions of Acetylenes with Noble-Metal Carbonyl Halides. Part 6. Carbonyl Insertion to Give Cyclic Organo-Carbene Complexes of Platinum(II): Synthesis and X-Ray Structure of the Complex cis-[Pt(CC(CO2Et)=C(Ph)C(CO2Et)=C(Ph)O)(PPh3)Cl2] 1-gen-1983 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Dynamics of Atactic Polystyrene in Solution 1-gen-1984 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Reactions of Acetylenes with Noble-Metal Carbonyl Halides. Part 7. Synthesis and Chemical Characterization of Cationic and Neutral Tetrasubstituted Cyclobutadiene Complexes of Platinum(II). X-Ray Structure of Dichloro (eta4-,2-dimethyl-3,4-diphenylcyclobutadiene) - (triphenylphosphine) platinum(II) 1-gen-1984 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Spectroscopic and Structural Investigation on Tetrahalomercurates(II). Crystal and Molecular Structures of Bis(N-ethylmorpholinium) tetrachloromercurate(II) and (N-ammonium-ethyl morpholinium) tetrachloromercurate(II) Complexes 1-gen-1984 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
The Crystal Structure of 1-(Piperidin-1-yl)-4-t-butyl-7-thiabicyclo[4.2.0]-octane7,7-Dioxide[1alpha,4alpha,6alpha] 1-gen-1984 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Chain Dynamics of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) in the Intermediate Range 1-gen-1985 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Crystal and Molecular Structure of a Polymeric 2 - aminobenzophenone mercury(II) bromide (1:2) Adduct 1-gen-1985 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Polymer Collapse in Dilute Solution: Equilibrium and Dynamical Aspects 1-gen-1985 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
Excluded Volume Effect on Polymer Chains: Internal Parts vs Free Chain Expansion 1-gen-1986 GANAZZOLI, FABIO
Structures and Quantum-Mechanical Calculations of Two Polarized Nitroethylenes: C9H9ClN2O2S (I) and C6H13N3O2 (II) 1-gen-1986 GANAZZOLI, FABIOMEILLE, STEFANO VALDOGRONCHI, PAOLO
Photochemically Induced Allylic Hydrogen Abstraction from 1-X-1,2-Dialkylethylenes: Experimental Data and Theoretical Calculations 1-gen-1986 GANAZZOLI, FABIO +
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