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Exploring media convergence: Evidence from Italy 1-gen-2013 BETTIGA, DEBORABOARETTO, ANDREACHEN, SHAN
Crowdfunding: a new driver of user innovation 1-gen-2014 SHAO, JINGBETTIGA, DEBORA +
Looking for the cocreators: Exploring the antecedents of customer willingness to participate in cocreation 1-gen-2014 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIOCHEN, SHAN
Does one design fit them all? Study of consumers traits influence on preferred tools, motivations and inhibitors to co-creation participation. 1-gen-2015 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIO +
New Business Models in Health Care: Consumers’Technology Acceptance and Willingness To Pay for an eHealth Service for cardiovascular prevention. 1-gen-2015 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIOLETTIERI, EMANUELE +
Technology adoption and the value of consumer experience: toward an integrated model. 1-gen-2015 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIO
Building a rationale for co-creation with customers and suppliers: an exploratory study 1-gen-2015 CICCULLO, FEDERICABETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIOPERO, MARGHERITA EMMA PAOLA
The more the better? Crowds and NPD performances in a creative crowdsourcing platform. 1-gen-2015 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIO +
Does one tool fit them all? Study of consumers traits influence on preferred tools, motivations and inhibitors to co-creation participation 1-gen-2015 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIO +
Exploring Consumer’s Social Motivations, Opportunity and Ability to Engage in Virtual Co-Creation 1-gen-2016 BETTIGA, DEBORANOCI, GIULIANO
Do mind and body agree? Unconscious versus conscious emotions in product attitude formation. 1-gen-2016 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Understanding the influence of anticipated emotions on personal devices adoption and usage 1-gen-2016 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIO
Do mind and body agree? Unconscious versus conscious arousal in product attitude formation 1-gen-2017 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Exploring the adoption process of personal technologies: A cognitive-affective approach 1-gen-2017 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIO
Integrated data analysis for the quantification of emotional responses during video observation 1-gen-2017 Reali, PierluigiCerutti, SergioBianchi, Anna MariaBettiga, DeboraLamberti, LucioMazzola, AlessandraPillan, Margherita
Halo effect of television programs on brand advertisement: a neuroscience research 1-gen-2017 D. BettigaP. RealiDELLE DONNE, ALESSANDROCAMASSA, ALESSANDRAFRANCIOSINI, ANGELO +
Assessing consumer emotions toward new products: application of physiological and self-reported methods 1-gen-2017 D, BettigaG. TacchinoL. LambertiA. M. BianchiG. Noci
Exploring the role of anticipated emotions in product adoption and usage 1-gen-2018 Bettiga, DeboraLamberti, Lucio
Exploration of Web-Sites Affects Autonomic Responses Related to Unconscious Emotions 1-gen-2018 Lolatto, R.Tacchino, G.Bettiga, D.Lamberti, L.Cerutti, S.Bianchi, Anna M.
Investigating social motivations, opportunity and ability to participate in communities of virtual co-creation 1-gen-2018 Bettiga, DeboraLamberti, LucioNoci, Giuliano
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