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Mitral valve anterior leaflet in vivo shape may contribute to optimizing ventricular ejection 1-gen-2012 STEVANELLA, MARCOCONTI, CARLO ANGELOVOTTA, EMILIANODIMASI, ANNALISAMAFFESSANTI, FRANCESCOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Influence of mitral valve anterior leaflet in vivo shape on left ventricular ejection 1-gen-2012 DIMASI, ANNALISASTEVANELLA, MARCOCONTI, CARLO ANGELOVOTTA, EMILIANOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
'HyperShear in a channel': A microfluidic facsimile of ventricular assist devices to reduce thrombotic risk and enhance patient safety 1-gen-2014 DIMASI, ANNALISAREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGIRASPONI, MARCO +
A multiscale approach to the design of hollow fiber based devices for extracorporeal circulation. 1-gen-2014 PELOSI, ALESSANDRACONSOLO, FILIPPODIMASI, ANNALISAFIORE, GIANFRANCO BENIAMINOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Microfluidic emulation of mechanical circulatory support device shear-mediated platelet activation 1-gen-2015 DIMASI, ANNALISARASPONI, MARCOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Microfluidic facsimile of ventricular assist device shear stress patterns: towards point-of-care devices to monitor patient thrombotic risk 1-gen-2015 DIMASI, ANNALISACONSOLO, FILIPPOVALERIO, LORENZORASPONI, MARCOBLUESTEIN, DANNYFIORE, GIANFRANCO BENIAMINOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Finite Element Analysis of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation in the Presence of Aortic Leaflet Calcifications 1-gen-2015 DIMASI, ANNALISASTEVANELLA, MARCOVOTTA, EMILIANOSTURLA, FRANCESCOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
A combined multiscale numerical and experimental approach for the design optimization of hollow-fiber based medical devices 1-gen-2015 CONSOLO, FILIPPODIMASI, ANNALISAFIORE, GIANFRANCO BENIAMINOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Microfluidic approaches for the assessment of blood cell trauma: a focus on thrombotic risk in mechanical circulatory support devices 1-gen-2016 CONSOLO, FILIPPODIMASI, ANNALISARASPONI, MARCOVALERIO, LORENZOFIORE, GIANFRANCO BENIAMINOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Impact of different aortic valve calcification patterns on the outcome of transcatheter aortic valve implantation: A finite element study 1-gen-2016 STURLA, FRANCESCODIMASI, ANNALISAVISMARA, RICCARDOVOTTA, EMILIANOREDAELLI, ALBERTO CESARE LUIGI +
Analitical and numerical simulation of platelets in microchannels and their stress history 1-gen-2017 Fiore, G. B.Dimasi, A.Rasponi, M.Redaelli, A. +
Microfludic platforms for the evaluation of anti-platelet agent efficacy under hyper-shear conditions associated with ventricular assist devices 1-gen-2017 Dimasi, AnnalisaRasponi, MarcoConsolo, FilippoFiore, Gianfranco B.Redaelli, Alberto +
On-chip magnetophoretic concentration of Malaria-infected red blood cells and hemozoin nanocrystals 1-gen-2018 Marco GiacomettiLivia Beatrice CallegariA. ColloviniMarco MonticelliChristian RinaldiDaniela PettiGiorgio FerrariMarco SampietroA. DimasiM. PiolaGianfranco Beniamino FioreRiccardo Bertacco
Microfluidic flow-based platforms for induction and analysis of dynamic shear-mediated platelet activation - Initial validation versus the standardized hemodynamic shearing device 1-gen-2018 Dimasi, AnnalisaConsolo, FilippoRasponi, MarcoFiore, Gianfranco B.Redaelli, Alberto +
Fluid-Structure Interaction and In Vitro Analysis of a Real Bileaflet Mitral Prosthetic Valve to Gain Insight Into Doppler-Silent Thrombosis 1-gen-2019 Dimasi A.PILONI, DARIOVotta E.Vismara R.Fiore G. B.Meskin M.Fusini L.Redaelli A. +
A Novel Multiparametric Score for the Detection and Grading of Prosthetic Mitral Valve Obstruction in Cases With Different Disc Motion Abnormalities 1-gen-2019 Meskin M.Dimasi A.Votta E.Jaworek M.Zappa E.Epifani I.Redaelli A. +
The MICELI (MICrofluidic, ELectrical, impedance): Prototyping a point-of-care impedance platelet aggregometer 1-gen-2020 Bozzi S.Dimasi A.Rasponi M.Santoleri A.Consolo F.Redaelli A. +
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