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Evaluation of erosion-corrosion in multiphase flow via CFD and experimental analysis 1-gen-2003 BOZZINI B.RICOTTI, MARCO ENRICOBONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIOMELE, CAMILLA
On the Observation of Inductive High-frequency Impedance Behaviour during the Electrodeposition of Au-Sn Alloys 1-gen-2004 B. BOZZINI +
An SFG investigation of Au(111) and Au(210) electrodes in aqueous solutions containing KCN and cetylpyridinium chloride 1-gen-2004 B. BOZZINI +
An investigation into the corrosion of Ag coins from the Greek colonies of Southern Italy. Part I: An in situ FT-IR and ERS investigation of the behaviour of Ag in contact with aqueous solutions containing 4-cyanopyridine 1-gen-2006 B. BOZZINIBRUNELLA, MARIA FRANCESCAGOIDANICH, SARAPEDEFERRI, PIETRO +
Electrochemical fabrication of nano- and micrometric Cu particles: in situ investigation by electroreflectance and optical second harmonic generation 1-gen-2008 BOZZINI B +
Study of proton exchange membrane fuel cell catalyst subjected to anodic operating conditions, by synchrotron-based scanning photoelectron microscopy (SPEM) and high lateral resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 1-gen-2011 B. BozziniBONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIO +
Electrodeposition of Y2O3-Au composite coatings for SOFC interconnects: in situ monitoring of film growth by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2012 B. BozziniBONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIO +
Corrosion of stainless steel grades in molten NaOH/KOH eutectic at 250°C: AISI304 austenitic and 2205 duplex 1-gen-2012 B. BozziniBARELLA, SILVIABONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIO +
Electrodeposition of Ni/ceria composites: an in situ visible reflectance investigation 1-gen-2012 BOZZINI, Benedetto +
Soft X-ray imaging and spectromicroscopy: new insights in chemical state and morphology of key components in operating fuel cells 1-gen-2012 B. Bozzini +
Corrosion of stainless steel grades in H2O/KOH 50% at 120°C: AISI304 austenitic and 2205 duplex 1-gen-2013 B. BozziniBONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIO +
Electrodeposition of nanostructured bioactive hydroxyapatite-heparin composite coatings on titanium for dental implant applications 1-gen-2014 BONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIOBOZZINI, BENEDETTO +
Electrodeposition of DLC films on carbon steel from acetic acid solutions 1-gen-2014 BONIARDI, MARCO VIRGINIOCASAROLI, ANDREAB. Bozzini +
Electrochemical reconstruction of a heavily corroded Tarentum hemiobolus silver coin 1-gen-2014 Bozzini Benedetto +
Pulse-Plating of Mn-Cu-ZnO for Supercapacitors: A Study Based on Soft X-ray Fluorescence and Absorption Microspectroscopy 1-gen-2014 Benedetto Bozzini +
Potential-dependent reactivity of adsorbed cyanide during the electrodeposition of silver from cyanocomplexes: a study based on in situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2014 B. Bozzini +
Electrosynthesis of Co/PPy nanocomposites for ORR electrocatalysis: A study based on quasi-in situ X-ray absorption, fluorescence and in situ Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2014 B. Bozzini +
Quasi-in-Situ Single-Grain Photoelectron Microspectroscopy of Co/PPy Nanocomposites under Oxygen Reduction Reaction 1-gen-2014 Benedetto Bozzini* +
Fabrication of a sealed electrochemical microcell for in situ soft X-ray microspectroscopy and testing with in situ Co-polypyrrole composite electrodeposition for Pt-free oxygen electrocatalysis 1-gen-2014 B. Bozzini +
Spatio-Temporal Organization in a Morphochemical Electrodeposition Model: Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Spiral Waves 1-gen-2014 BOZZINI, Benedetto +
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