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A response surface-based approach to predict spinal rod contouring parameters 1-gen-2023 F. BertiL. CarpenedoL. La Barbera +
Towards the development of a custom talus prosthesis produced by SLM: design rules and verification 1-gen-2023 Danielli, FBerti, FColombo, MVilla, TLa Barbera, LPetrini, L +
Life cycle analysis of knee joint replacement implants 1-gen-2023 La Barbera L.
Proximal junctional failure after surgical instrumentation in adult spinal deformity: biomechanical assessment of proximal instrumentation stiffness 1-gen-2023 Luigi La Barbera +
Assessment of a parametric thoracic spine model for the generation of in silico cohorts 1-gen-2023 L. La Barbera +
Influence of spinal lordosis correction location on proximal junctional failure: a biomechanical study 1-gen-2023 Luigi La Barbera +
Middle column Stent-screw Assisted Internal Fixation (SAIF): a modified minimally-invasive approach to rescue vertebral middle column re-fractures 1-gen-2023 La Barbera, Luigi +
On the need of a scale-dependent material characterization to describe the mechanical behavior of 3D printed Ti6Al4V custom prostheses using finite element models 1-gen-2023 Danielli, FrancescaCiriello, LucaLa Barbera, LuigiRodriguez Matas, Jose FelixPennati, Giancarlo
Carbon Fiber-Reinforced PolyEtherEtherKetone (CFR-PEEK) Instrumentation in Degenerative Disease of Lumbar Spine: A Pilot Study 1-gen-2023 La Barbera, Luigi +
Global stiffness and residual stresses in spinal fixator systems: A validated finite element study on the interconnection mechanism 1-gen-2022 Ciriello, LucaBerti, FrancescaLa Barbera, LuigiVilla, TomasoPennati, Giancarlo
Experimental orthopedic biomechanics 1-gen-2022 Luigi La BarberaTomaso Villa +
In silico patient-specific optimization of correction strategies for thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis 1-gen-2021 La Barbera L. +
Correction objectives have higher impact than screw pattern and density on the optimal 3D correction of thoracic AIS: a biomechanical study 1-gen-2021 La Barbera L. +
Load-sharing biomechanics of lumbar fixation and fusion with pedicle subtraction osteotomy 1-gen-2021 La Barbera Luigi +
Credibility assessment of patient-specific biomechanical models to investigate proximal junctional failure in clinical cases with adult spine deformity using ASME V&V40 standard 1-gen-2021 La Barbera L. +
How do spine instrumentation parameters influence the 3D correction of thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis? A patient-specific biomechanical study 1-gen-2021 La Barbera L. +
The 'armed concrete' approach: Stent-screw-assisted internal fixation (SAIF) reconstructs and internally fixates the most severe osteoporotic vertebral fractures 1-gen-2021 La Barbera L.Villa T. +
Advanced Principles of Minimally Invasive Vertebral Body Stabilization in Severe Benign and Malignant Fractures: Stent-Screw Assisted Internal Fixation 1-gen-2020 L. La Barbera +
Biomechanical in vitro comparison between anterior column realignment and pedicle subtraction osteotomy for severe sagittal imbalance correction 1-gen-2020 La Barbera L.Villa T. +
The strain distribution in the lumbar anterior longitudinal ligament is affected by the loading condition and bony features: An in vitro full-field analysis 1-gen-2020 Cristofolini, LucaVilla, TomasoBrayda-Bruno, MarcoLa Barbera, Luigi +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 59
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