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Scaling hetero-epitaxy from layers to three-dimensional crystals 1-gen-2012 VON KÄNEL, HANSISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Direct-Gap Gain and Optical Absorption in Germanium Correlated to the Density of Photoexcited Carriers, Doping, and Strain 1-gen-2012 CECCHI, STEFANO CARLOISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Si/SiGe Nanoscale Engineered Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting 1-gen-2012 CECCHI, STEFANO CARLOFRIGERIO, JACOPOISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Self-aligned Ge and SiGe three-dimensional epitaxy on dense Si pillar arrays 1-gen-2013 ISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Unexpected Dominance of Vertical Dislocations in High-Misfit Ge/Si(001) Films and Their Elimination by Deep Substrate Patterning 1-gen-2013 ISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Heterointegration by molecular beam epitaxy: (In,Ga)As/GaAs quantum wells on GaAs, Ge, Ge/Si and Ge/Si pillars 1-gen-2013 ISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Perfect crystals grown from imperfect interfaces 1-gen-2013 CHRASTINA, DANIELISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
X-Ray Nano-Diffraction on Epitaxial Crystals 1-gen-2014 ISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNIVON KÄNEL, HANS +
Ge Crystals on Si Show Their Light 1-gen-2014 ISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
3D heteroepitaxy of mismatched semiconductors on silicon 1-gen-2014 ISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Ge/SiGe quantum wells on Si(111): Growth, structural, and optical properties 1-gen-2014 ISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELPEZZOLI, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Reconstruction of crystal shapes by X-ray nanodiffraction from three-dimensional superlattices 1-gen-2014 ISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNIVON KÄNEL, HANS +
Epitaxial Ge-crystal arrays for X-ray detection 1-gen-2014 ISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNICHRASTINA, DANIELVON KÄNEL, HANS +
(Invited) Three-Dimensional Epitaxial Si1-xGex, Ge and SiC Crystals on Deeply Patterned Si Substrates 1-gen-2014 VON KÄNEL, HANSISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Integration of GaN crystals on micropatterned Si(0 0 1) substrates by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy 1-gen-2015 ISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Three-dimensional Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells deposited on Si(001) and Si(111) patterned substrates 1-gen-2015 ISA, FABIOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Lattice bending in three-dimensional Ge microcrystals studied by X-ray nanodiffraction and modelling 1-gen-2016 ISA, FABIOCHRASTINA, DANIELISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Disentangling nonradiative recombination processes in Ge micro-crystals on Si substrates 1-gen-2016 PEZZOLI, FABIOISA, FABIOBIAGIONI, PAOLOISELLA, GIOVANNI +
Stress engineering of boron doped diamond thin films via micro-fabrication 1-gen-2021 Isa F.Marzegalli A. +
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