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Electric birefringence of critical micellar solutions 1-gen-1985 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Stretched exponential relaxation of birefringence in a critical binary mixture 1-gen-1988 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Electric birefringence of a dispersion of electrically charged anisotropic particles 1-gen-1988 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Steady-state nucleation in a binary mixture : the effect of stirring 1-gen-1989 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Stretched exponential relaxation of electric birefringence in complex liquids 1-gen-1990 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Rotational and translational self-diffusion of interacting spherical brownian particles 1-gen-1990 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Stretched exponential relaxation of electric birefringence in polymer solutions 1-gen-1990 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Transient eectric birefringence study of the persistence length of sodium polystyrene sulfonate 1-gen-1991 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Single particle dynamics in a colloidal crystal 1-gen-1991 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Small-angle neutron scattering study of ionic-nonionic mixed micelles 1-gen-1991 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Light Scattering study of spherical latex particles: Measurement of surfactant adsorption and of intrinsic anisotropy 1-gen-1992 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Colloidal Systems of Optically Anisotropic Spherical Particles" 1-gen-1993 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Depolarized dynamic light scattering from optically anisotropic reaction-limited aggregates 48, R2358 (1993) 1-gen-1993 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Equilibrium sedimentation profiles of screened charged colloids. A test of the hard-sphere equation of state 1-gen-1993 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Phase separation and gel-like structures in mixtures of colloids and surfactants 1-gen-1994 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Freezing transition for colloids with adjustable charge: a test of charge renormalization 1-gen-1995 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Rotational diffusion in concentrated colloidal dispersions of hard spheres 1-gen-1995 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Rotational diffusion of hard-spheres: forward depolarized light scattering measurements and comparison to theory and simulation 1-gen-1996 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Light Scattering in Colloid and Interface Science 1-gen-1996 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Sticky hard spheres model of proteins near to crystallization. A test based on the osmotic compressibility of lysozyme 1-gen-1998 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 106
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