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A general computing method for the analysis of human locomotion. 1-gen-1975 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
The interplay of muscular and external forces in human ambulation. 1-gen-1976 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
A study of motor coordination and neuromuscular activities in human locomotion. 1-gen-1977 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO
Simple equipment used in clinical practice for evaluation of locomotion. 1-gen-1977 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO
New procedure for evaluation of normal and abnormal gait. 1-gen-1977 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Optimization of muscle-force sequencing in human locomotion. 1-gen-1978 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Theoretical analysis of mechano-to-neural transduction in Pacinian corpuscle. 1-gen-1980 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Labetalol and 24-hour monitoring of arterial blood pressure in hypertensive patients. 1-gen-1981 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
A mathematical model of the Pacinian corpuscle. 1-gen-1982 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
A New Device For Real Time Analysis of Posture and Gait. 1-gen-1983 PEDOTTI, ANTONIOSANTAMBROGIO, GIORGIO CESARE +
Blood pressure and heart rate variabilities in normotensive and hypertensive human beings. 1-gen-1983 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Discontinuous blood pressure measurements do not prevent accurate estimation of 24-hour average blood pressure. 1-gen-1983 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Continuous vs intermittent blood pressure measurements in estimating 24-hour average blood pressure. 1-gen-1983 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Multisensor piezoelectric polymer insole for podobarography. 1-gen-1984 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Problems involved in automatic blood pressure monitoring. 1-gen-1985 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Blood pressure monitoring over short day and night times cannot predict 24-hour average blood pressure. 1-gen-1985 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
ELITE: a Digital Dedicated Hardware System for Movement Analysis via Real-Time TV-Signal Processing 1-gen-1985 FERRIGNO, GIANCARLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
Reflex control of blood pressure and heart rate by arterial baroreceptors and by cardiopulmonary receptors in the unanaesthetized cat. 1-gen-1985 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
A new method for evaluating the baroreflex role by a joint pattern analysis of pulse interval and systolic blood pressure series. 1-gen-1985 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
A new approach to analysis of the arterial baroreflex. 1-gen-1985 PEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 299
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