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Slow-fast limit cycles in controlled drug markets 1-gen-1995 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO +
A universal bifurcation diagram for seasonally perturbed predator-prey models 1-gen-1995 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO
Pollution control policies and natural resource dynamics: A theoretical analysis 1-gen-1996 RINALDI, SERGIOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA +
Dynamics of drug consumption: a theoretical model 1-gen-1997 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO +
Bifurcation analysis of two predator-prey models 1-gen-1997 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA
Cyclic dynamics in romantic relationships 1-gen-1997 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO +
On the dominance of filamentous cyanobacteria in shallow, turbid lakes 1-gen-1997 RINALDI, SERGIOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA +
Food chains in the chemostat: Relationships between mean yield and complex dynamics 1-gen-1998 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO +
Persistent unstable equilibria and the grace period in dynamic models of environmental change 1-gen-1998 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA +
Love dynamics between secure individuals: a modelling approach 1-gen-1998 RINALDI, SERGIOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA
Minimal models for dyadic processes: a review 1-gen-1998 RINALDI, SERGIOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA
Acidic deposition, plant pests, and the fate of forest ecosystems 1-gen-1998 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRAGATTO, MARINORINALDI, SERGIO
Top-down control of cyanobacteria: A theoretical analysis 1-gen-1999 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO +
The complexity of the Malthusian trap and potential routes of escapes 1-gen-2000 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA +
Reduced order models for the prediction of the time of occurrence of extreme episodes 1-gen-2001 RINALDI, SERGIOCASAGRANDI, RENATOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA
Pest outbreaks control: the approach of peak-to-peak dynamics 1-gen-2001 RINALDI, SERGIOPICCARDI, CARLOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA
Sliding bifurcations in relay control systems: an application to natural resources management 1-gen-2002 DERCOLE, FABIOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO
One-parameter bifurcations in planar Filippov systems 1-gen-2003 RINALDI, SERGIOGRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA +
Floating plant dominance as a stable state 1-gen-2003 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRARINALDI, SERGIO +
Reconsidering the dynamic interaction of renewable resources and population growth: a focus on long-run sustainability 1-gen-2003 GRAGNANI, ALESSANDRA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 32
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