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Detection of corrugation and wheelflats of railway wheels using energy and cepstrum analysis of rail acceleration 1-gen-1997 CASCINI, GAETANO +
High-frequency mobile input reconstruction algorithm (HF-MIR A) applied to forces acting on a damped linear mechanical system 1-gen-1998 CASCINI, GAETANO +
Time domain model of the vertical dynamics of a railway track up to 5 kHz 1-gen-1998 CASCINI, GAETANO +
4Model for high frequency representation of the railway track vertical dynamic | [Un modello per la rappresentazione della dinamica verticale di un binario ferroviario alle alte frequenze] 1-gen-1999 CASCINI, GAETANO +
Wheel-rail contact force and acceleration | [Forze ed accelerazioni al contatto ruota-rotaia] 1-gen-2000 CASCINI, GAETANO +
Rolling contact force energy reconstruction 1-gen-2000 CASCINI, GAETANO +
Measurement of the lateral noise emission of an UIC 60 rail with a custom device 1-gen-2000 CASCINI, GAETANO +
Extracting technical knowledge for Computer-Aided Design of adhesively-bonded joints 1-gen-2001 CASCINI, GAETANO +
A knowledge-based design tool for adhesively-bonded joints 1-gen-2001 CASCINI, GAETANO +
System and Method for performing functional analyses making use of a plurality of inputs 1-gen-2002 CASCINI, GAETANO
Automatic design of shock-absorbers through functional analysis 1-gen-2002 CASCINI, GAETANO +
A methodology for evaluating the adoption of knowledge and innovation management tools in a product development process 1-gen-2003 BORDEGONI, MONICACASCINI, GAETANO +
A new element removal approach for shape and topology optimization 1-gen-2003 CASCINI, GAETANO +
PAT-Analyzer: a tool to speed-up patent analyses with a TRIZ perspective 1-gen-2003 CASCINI, GAETANO +
Proceedings of the 4th TRIZ Future World Confer 1-gen-2004 CASCINI, GAETANO
Chest freezer 1-gen-2004 CASCINI, GAETANO +
VI-CLOTH - Virtual Clothing 1-gen-2004 CASCINI, GAETANOGORLA, CARLO +
Natural Language Processing for patents analysis and classification 1-gen-2004 CASCINI, GAETANO +
State-of-the-Art and trends of Computer-Aided Innovation tools - Towards the integration within the Product Development Cycle 1-gen-2004 CASCINI, GAETANO
Roadmap for the selection and the evaluation of PLM tools in product development processes 1-gen-2004 BORDEGONI, MONICACASCINI, GAETANOCUGINI, UMBERTO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 242
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