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Numerical simulation of the dynamics of boats by a variational inequality approach 1-gen-2009 FORMAGGIA, LUCAMIGLIO, EDIEMOLA, ANDREASCOTTI, ANNA
Predictive numerical models of basin evolution and petroleum generation 1-gen-2009 SCOTTI, ANNABARBARESCHI VILLA, ANDREA
A mixed finite element method for Darcy flow in fracturedporous media with non-matching grids 1-gen-2011 D'ANGELO, CARLOSCOTTI, ANNA
Positivity and Conservation Properties of Some Integration Schemes for Mass Action Kinetics 1-gen-2011 FORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNA
Numerical modelling of multiphase subsurface flow in the presence of fractures 1-gen-2012 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
A reduced model for flow and transport in fractured porous media with non-matching grids 1-gen-2012 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
Global Sensitivity Analysis through Polynomial Chaos Expansion of a basin-scale geochemical compaction model 1-gen-2012 FORMAGGIA, LUCAGUADAGNINI, ALBERTOIMPERIALI, ILARIALEVER, VALENTINAPORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELERIVA, MONICASCOTTI, ANNATAMELLINI, LORENZO
Uncertainty propagation in sandstone compaction modeling 1-gen-2012 PORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELELEVER, VALENTINASCOTTI, ANNAIMPERIALI, ILARIARIVA, MONICA
An Uzawa iterative scheme for the simulation of floating bodies 1-gen-2012 TAMELLINI, LORENZOFORMAGGIA, LUCAMIGLIO, EDIESCOTTI, ANNA
Using embedded discrete fracture models (EDFMs) to simulate realistic fluid flow problems 1-gen-2013 SCOTTI, ANNA +
A numerical method for two-phase flow in fractured porous media with non-matching grids 1-gen-2013 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
Preliminary analysis of diagenetic effects on basin scale overpressure dynamics 1-gen-2013 PORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELERIVA, MONICALEVER, VALENTINASCOTTI, ANNAIMPERIALI, ILARIA +
An Efficient XFEM Approximation of Darcy Flows in Arbitrarily Fractured Porous Media 1-gen-2014 FUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA
Optimal techniques to simulate flow in fractured reservoir 1-gen-2014 ANTONIETTI, PAOLA FRANCESCASCOTTI, ANNAVERANI, MARCOFORMAGGIA, LUCA +
Mathematics: method and creativity in fabric design creation 1-gen-2014 CALIO', FRANCASCOTTI, ANNA
Stabilized extended finite elements for the approximation of saddle point problems with unfitted interfaces 1-gen-2014 CATTANEO, LAURAFORMAGGIA, LUCAIORI, GUIDO FRANCESCOSCOTTI, ANNAZUNINO, PAOLO
A reduced model for Darcy’s problem in networks of fractures 1-gen-2014 FORMAGGIA, LUCAFUMAGALLI, ALESSIOSCOTTI, ANNA +
Global Sensitivity Analysis of Geochemical Compaction in a Sedimentary Basin 1-gen-2014 PORTA, GIOVANNI MICHELECOLOMBO, IVOSCOTTI, ANNAGUADAGNINI, ALBERTO +
Analysis of a model for precipitation and dissolution coupled with a Darcy flux 1-gen-2015 AGOSTI, ABRAMOFORMAGGIA, LUCASCOTTI, ANNA
A general framework for the simulation of geochemical compaction 1-gen-2015 GIOVANARDI, BIANCASCOTTI, ANNAFORMAGGIA, LUCA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 53
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