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Thin-layer chromatography–surface-enhanced Raman scattering 1-gen-2022 Lucotti, AndreaVilla, Nicolo SimoneSerra, GianlucaMaria Ossi, PaoloTommasini, Matteo
Monitoring flame soot maturity by variable temperature Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2022 Serra, GianlucaTommasini, Matteo +
Non-destructive analysis of concentration profiles in turbid media using micro-spatially offset Raman spectroscopy: A physical model 1-gen-2022 Castiglioni C.Botteon A.Tommasini M. +
Synthesis of zigzag- and fjord-edged nanographene with dual amplified spontaneous emission 1-gen-2022 Serra, GianlucaVilla, AndreaMuñoz-Mármol, RafaelLucotti, AndreaTommasini, MatteoScotognella, FrancescoPaternò, Giuseppe Maria +
Vibrational properties of graphdiynes as 2D carbon materials beyond graphene 1-gen-2022 Serafini, PMilani, ATommasini, MCastiglioni, CBottani, CECasari, CS +
Sliding on snow of Aisi 301 stainless steel surfaces treated with ultra-short laser pulses 1-gen-2022 Maggiore, EttoreDellasega, DavidTommasini, MatteoOssi, Paolo M. +
Cove-Edged Graphene Nanoribbons with Incorporation of Periodic Zigzag-Edge Segments 1-gen-2022 Serra G.Lucotti A.Tommasini M. +
Combining micro-infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy with density functional theory for investigating the adsorption of organic friction modifiers on steel surfaces 1-gen-2022 Villa, N. S.Serra, G.Lucotti, A.Tommasini, M. +
Pi-Extended Helical Nanographenes: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Naphtho[1,2-a]pyrenes 1-gen-2022 Eva GualtieriAndrea LucottiMatteo Tommasini +
Unsymmetrical benzothiazole-based dithienylethene photoswitches 1-gen-2022 Bovoloni, MichelangeloTommasini, MatteoBianco, Andrea +
Electron-phonon coupling and vibrational properties of size-selected linear carbon chains by resonance Raman scattering 1-gen-2022 Marabotti, PTommasini, MCastiglioni, CSerafini, PPeggiani, SLi Bassi, ARusso, VCasari, C S +
Raman spectroscopy-based assessment of the liquid water content in snow 1-gen-2022 E. MaggioreM. TommasiniP. M. Ossi
UV resonance Raman spectroscopy of weakly hydrogen-bonded water in the liquid phase and on ice and snow surfaces 1-gen-2022 Maggiore, EttoreTommasini, MatteoOssi, Paolo Maria +
The Effects of Ring Strain on Cyclic Tetraaryl[5]cumulenes 1-gen-2022 Tommasini, MatteoZanchi, ChiaraLucotti, Andrea +
Vibrational and nonlinear optical properties of amine-capped push-pull polyynes by infrared and Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2021 Pietro MarabottiAlberto MilaniAndrea LucottiLuigi BrambillaMatteo TommasiniChiara CastiglioniCarlo Spartaco Casari +
Solvent-mediated engineering of copper-metalated acetylenic polymer scaffolds with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance 1-gen-2021 Milani A.Tommasini M. +
Structural and Spectroscopic Properties of Benzoylpyridine-Based Hydrazones 1-gen-2021 Tommasini M.Bianco A. +
Pyrrole-Embedded Linear and Helical Graphene Nanoribbons 1-gen-2021 Lucotti A.Del Zoppo M.Tommasini M. +
Topology-dependent conjugation effects in graphdiyne molecular fragments 1-gen-2021 Serafini P.Milani A.Tommasini M.Bottani C. E.Casari C. S.
Persistent peri‐Heptacene: Synthesis and In Situ Characterization 1-gen-2021 Lucotti, AndreaSerra, GianlucaTommasini, Matteo +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 231
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