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Wet metallization of 3D printed microarchitectures: Application to the manufacturing of bioinspired microswimmers 1-gen-2022 Bernasconi R.Prioglio G.Vena P.Magagnin L. +
AFM and fluorescence microscopy of single cells with simultaneous mechanical stimulation via electrically stretchable substrates 1-gen-2021 Vena P. +
Micro computed tomography based finite element models for elastic and strength properties of 3D printed glass scaffolds 1-gen-2021 Gastaldi D.Vena P. +
Strain Mapping Inkjet-Printed Resistive Sensors Array 1-gen-2020 Costa Angeli M. A.Caronna F.Gastaldi D.Magagnin L.Fraboni B.Vena P. +
An experimental procedure to perform mechanical characterization of small-sized bone specimens from thin femoral cortical wall 1-gen-2020 Gastaldi D.Vena P. +
Development of a micro-scale method to assess the effect of corrosion on the mechanical properties of a biodegradable Fe-316L stent material 1-gen-2020 Cattarinuzzi E.Gastaldi D.Vena P. +
Micron-scale experimental-numerical characterization of metal-polymer interface delamination in stretchable electronics interconnects 1-gen-2020 Cattarinuzzi E.Vena P.Gastaldi D. +
Anisotropic composite material phantom to improve skeletal muscle characterization using magnetic resonance elastography 1-gen-2019 Vena, Pasquale +
Identification of traction-separation parameters by means of peel testing and in situ confocal microscopy 1-gen-2019 E. CattarinuzziD. GastaldiP. Vena +
Geometry dependent application of stretchable printed antenna 1-gen-2019 Costa Angeli M. A.Vena P. +
Dilatational and shear waves in poro-vioscoelastic media 1-gen-2019 Vena P. +
Reliability of inkjet printed silver nanoparticle interconnects on deformable substrates tested through an electromechanical in-situ technique 1-gen-2019 Costa Angeli, Martina AuroraFRABONI, BEATRICEMagagnin, LucaGastaldi, DarioVena, Pasquale +
Nanoindentation-based characterization of hard and soft tissues 1-gen-2018 P. VenaD. Gastaldi.
Mechanical reliability of microelectronics packaging: Small scale adhesion measurements and in-situ imaging 1-gen-2018 Cattarinuzzi, EmanueleGastaldi, DarioVena, Pasquale +
Length-scale dependency of biomimetic hard-soft composites 1-gen-2018 Vena, P. +
Biomimetic engineering of the cardiac tissue through processing, functionalization, and biological characterization of polyester urethanes 1-gen-2018 Gastaldi, DarioCattarinuzzi, EmanueleVena, Pasquale +
Special issue on "Recent Advances on the Mechanics of Materials" 1-gen-2018 Vena, P. +
Effect of the anisotropic permeability in the frequency dependent properties of the superficial layer of articular cartilage 1-gen-2018 Gastaldi, D.Vena, P. +
Micro-CT based finite element models for elastic properties of glass–ceramic scaffolds 1-gen-2017 TAGLIABUE, STEFANOGASTALDI, DARIOVENA, PASQUALE +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 144
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