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Introducing Energy Performances in Production Management: Towards Energy Efficient Manufacturing 1-gen-2009 CANNATA, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCO
A proposal for introducing energy efficiency in the analysis and control of production systems 1-gen-2009 CANNATA, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCO
Energy efficiency driven process analysis and optimization in discrete manufacturing 1-gen-2009 CANNATA, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCO +
Trends and Roadmaps on SOA-Based Embedded Networks for Industrial Automation Systems: a Review 1-gen-2009 CANNATA, ALESSANDROGEROSA, MARCOTAISCH, MARCO
Development of an Extended Product Lifecycle Management through Service Oriented Architecture 1-gen-2009 CASSINA, JACOPOCANNATA, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCO
Energy Efficient Manufacturing: an industrial engineering perspective 1-gen-2009 CANNATA, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCO
Dynamic e-Maintenance in the era of SOA-ready device dominated industrial environments 1-gen-2009 CANNATA, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCO +
Assessing the Future of Manufacturing: the SOCRADES Technology Roadmap 1-gen-2009 CANNATA, ALESSANDROGEROSA, MARCOTAISCH, MARCO
Evaluating the potential of a service oriented infrastructure for the factory of the future 1-gen-2010 CANNATA, ALESSANDROTAISCH, MARCO +
Combined Energy, Material and Building Simulation for Green Factory Planning 1-gen-2013 STAHL, BOJANTAISCH, MARCOCANNATA, ALESSANDRO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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