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A spiking recurrent neural network with phase change memory neurons and synapses for the accelerated solution of constraint satisfaction problems 1-gen-2020 Pedretti G.Mannocci P.Hashemkhani S.Milo V.Melnic O.Chicca E.Ielmini D.
A Spiking Recurrent Neural Network with Phase Change Memory Synapses for Decision Making 1-gen-2020 Pedretti, G.Milo, V.Hashemkhani, S.Mannocci, P.Melnic, O.Chicca, E.Ielmini, D.
Hardware implementation of PCM-based neurons with self-regulating threshold for homeostatic scaling in unsupervised learning 1-gen-2020 I. Muñoz MartínS. BianchiS. HashemkhaniG. PedrettiD. Ielmini
A bio-inspired recurrent neural network with self-adaptive neurons and PCM synapses for solving reinforcement learning tasks 1-gen-2020 S. BianchiI. Muñoz MartínS. HashemkhaniG. PedrettiD. Ielmini
In materia reservoir computing with a fully memristive architecture based on self-organizing nanowire networks 1-gen-2021 Pedretti G.Ricci S.Hashemkhani S.Ielmini D. +
A Brain-Inspired Homeostatic Neuron Based on Phase-Change Memories for Efficient Neuromorphic Computing 1-gen-2021 Bianchi S.Hashemkhani S.Pedretti G.Melnic O.Ielmini D. +
Memtransistor Devices Based on MoS 2 Multilayers with Volatile Switching due to Ag Cation Migration 1-gen-2022 Matteo FarronatoSaverio RicciShahin HashemkhaniAlessandro BricalliDaniele Ielmini +
A CMOS-memristor hybrid system for implementing stochastic binary spike timing-dependent plasticity 1-gen-2022 Ricci, SaverioHashemkhani, ShahinIelmini, Daniele +
Forming-Free Resistive Switching Memory Crosspoint Arrays for In-Memory Machine Learning 1-gen-2022 Ricci, SMannocci, PFarronato, MHashemkhani, SIelmini, D
A Hybrid Memristor/CMOS SNN for Implementing One-Shot Winner-Takes-All Training 1-gen-2022 Ricci, SaverioHashemkhani, ShahinIelmini, Daniele +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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