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Identification of the abscisic acid receptor in mammalian cells 1-gen-2011 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Schwann Cell Contact Guidance versus Boundary Interaction in Functional Wound Healing along Nano and Microstructured Membranes. 1-gen-2015 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Sub-micron lateral topography affects endothelial migration by modulation of focal adhesion dynamics 1-gen-2015 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Integrated experimental/computational approach of the nuclear pore complex 1-gen-2016 A. Garcia GonzalezM. TunesiR. FedeleE. JacchettiJ. F. Rodriguez MatasM. T. Raimondi +
Imaging of Intracellular Viscosity and Membrane Order by New Molecular Rotors Suitable for Phasor Analysis of Fluorescence Lifetime 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Pressure-Induced Spectral Shifts in GFP Mutants Explained by Molecular Dynamics Simulations 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Live Cell Single Molecule Binding of Transcription Factors in Living Cells. Characterizing p53 Latency 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Wharton Jelly human Mesenchymal Stem Cell migration on noisy nanograting 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Temperature and pressure effects on GFP mutants: explaining spectral changes by molecular dynamics simulations and TD-DFT calculations. 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Experimental/computational approach of the nuclear pore complex mechanics 1-gen-2016 TUNESI, MARTANAVA, MICHELEFEDELE, ROBERTOJACCHETTI, EMANUELARODRIGUEZ MATAS, JOSE FELIXRAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESA +
Multiscale numerical model of the strain-based permeability of the nuclear envelope 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELARODRIGUEZ MATAS, JOSE FELIXRAIMONDI, MANUELA TERESA +
Nanotopography Induced Human Bone Marrow Mesangiogenic Progenitor Cells (MPCs) to Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSCs) Transition. 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
MICAL2 is a novel human cancer gene controlling mesenchymal to epithelial transition involved in cancer growth and invasion. 1-gen-2016 JACCHETTI, EMANUELA +
Live-cell p53 single-molecule binding is modulated by C-terminal acetylation and correlates with transcriptional activity 1-gen-2017 Jacchetti, Emanuela +
Optimization of the “Nichoid” substrate for the Culture and Quantification of Stem Cell Function 1-gen-2018 V. ParodiE. JacchettiR. OsellameM. T. Raimondi +
Structure and mechanosensing response of the nuclear pore complex 1-gen-2018 F. DonnalojaE. JacchettiM. SonciniM. T. Raimondi
Nanotechnological challenges in application of two-photon polymerization to biology 1-gen-2018 T. ZandriniE. JacchettiC. ConciR. OsellameG. CerulloM. T. Raimondi
Effect of nichoid substrates on the morphology of adhering mesenchymal stem cells 1-gen-2018 E. JacchettiR. OsellameG. CerulloM. T. Raimondi
Miniaturized Imaging Window for Intravital Nonlinear Microscopy: Preliminary Results 1-gen-2018 C. ConciE. JacchettiT. ZandriniG. CerulloR. OsellameM. T. Raimondi +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 49
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