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Staggered work shifts: A way to downsize and restructure an emergency department workforce yet maintain current operational performance 1-gen-2007 JABALI, OLA +
Stochastic vehicle routing with random time dependent travel times subject to perturbations 1-gen-2007 JABALI, OLA +
Time-dependent vehicle routing subject to time delay perturbations 1-gen-2009 JABALI, OLA +
Time and Timing in Vehicle Routing Problems 1-gen-2010 JABALI, OLA
Analysis of travel times and CO2 emissions in time-dependent vehicle routing 1-gen-2012 JABALI, OLA +
A continuous approximation model for the fleet composition problem 1-gen-2012 JABALI, OLA +
Reducing emergency department waiting times by adjusting work shifts considering patient visits to multiple care providers 1-gen-2012 JABALI, OLA +
Hybrid Algorithms Service, Computing and Manufacturing Systems: Routing and Scheduling Solutions 1-gen-2013 JABALI, OLA
A vehicle routing problem with flexible time windows 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
Partial-route inequalities for the multi-vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problems 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
The fleet size and mix pollution-routing problem 1-gen-2014 JABALI, OLA +
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problems with time windows 1-gen-2015 JABALI, OLA +
Multi-period Vehicle Routing Problem with Due dates 1-gen-2015 JABALI, OLA +
Self-imposed time windows in vehicle routing problems 1-gen-2015 JABALI, OLA +
The fleet size and mix location-routing problem with time windows: Formulations and a heuristic algorithm 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
50th Anniversary Invited Article—Goods distribution with electric vehicles: Review and research perspectives 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
Thirty years of heterogeneous vehicle routing 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
50th Anniversary Invited Article—Future research directions in stochastic vehicle routing 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
The traveling salesman problem with time-dependent service times 1-gen-2016 JABALI, OLA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 53
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