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Regulators and Reform: A Quasi-experimental Assessment of the Effects of Training Inspectors 1-gen-2015 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji +
Implementing in the laboratory: scorecards for appraising regulatory impact assessment 1-gen-2016 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji +
Explaining the content of impact assessment in the United Kingdom: Learning across time, sectors, and departments 1-gen-2017 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji +
Crisis, learning and policy change in the European Union 1-gen-2017 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji. +
Giving Sisyphus a Helping Hand : Pathways for Sustainable RIA Systems in Developing Countries 1-gen-2018 Kamkhaji, Jonathan +
Risks when reforming: Challenges and sustainability of RIA systems: Results of the first systematic study on RIA reforms in developing countries 1-gen-2019 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji. +
A sleeping giant awakes? The rise of the Institutional Grammar Tool (IGT) in policy research 1-gen-2019 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji +
Does consultation count for corruption? The causal relations in the EU-28 1-gen-2020 Kamkhaji J. +
Measuring design diversity: A new application of Ostrom's rule types 1-gen-2021 Kamkhaji, Jonathan C. +
The Institutional Grammar Tool meets the Narrative Policy Framework: Narrating institutional statements in consultation 1-gen-2021 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji +
Don’t think it’s a good idea! Four building sites of the ‘ideas school’ 1-gen-2022 Jonathan C. Kamkhaji +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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